Moisturizing                                 25
Protein                                          25
Reconstructor                               45
Keratin treatments  (consultation)


Per track                                          35

Full head sew in                             325

½ head  sew in                                200

Extension removal                          45     

Strand by Strand                            850

1/2  head of Strands                      350

Extension retouch                           85          bonding                                           90

net                                                    35

lace front application                     175
semi perm lashes                           100 & up

The Hair Coach Enhances

Makeup is the magic that can change an ordinary woman into a more beautiful one. Almost all women would want to look more beautiful and glamorous. They would want to grab attention of others. Many of them spend their time and money in beauty parlors in order to look better than others.

We all know that, every woman on has their own unique and special features. Some of them are naturally beautiful and some just need to add little makeup in order to achieve their best looks. Makeup is the trick which can make one look more gorgeous, even if she is born with ordinary features. Eye makeup can change simple eyes into more attractive and sparkling ones. Lip makeup can convert the ordinary lips into more luscious ones.


Make up for special occasions

Hair menu

Coach Necessity 


Shampoo finish                       85..00
Virgin relaxer:                          115.00
Touch up                                    85 & up

Brazillian Keratin                     350.00

Brazillian Keratin (touch up)   125.00

Natural 2 strand twist              75 & up

Locs                                             65 & up

Straw Set                                   90 & up



single process                               65
single process w/glaze                 80
foil highlights/lowlights                165

partial                                             75
full head high lights                     125

demi color                                      35 & up


Color  (hair make up)
Hair Cut  (identity)

New you                                         65
Trim                                                20
Fade                                                30


 Conditioners (health)
Hair Extensions


5 week prepay /aka hair rejuvenation. Are you ready to see your hair at its best? 


The pre pay package is bundled with special conditioners, and undivided attention from your stylist. This is every strands dream.  book weekly standing appts and receive optimal hair care services.If you are transitioning from relaxers/color/extensions/braids or simple neglect. This special package is the way to go.  all inclusive hair care services excludng extensions ( 250.00 )

prom packages avail.
Bridal packages avail.

Prepay Hair Packages

(special treatment)