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Keeping your Integrity

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hello everyone! can i ask you to give me a moment? I would like to express to you how hard it is to be a Cosmetologist today. Being a stylist that chooses to do whats best for her clients oppose to what the client witnesses on social media is like a daily beat down. I'm sure you have been a guilty party that walks in or sends a picture that you have chosen to your stylist and say " I want that". in some cases it is achievable, but in most cases it isn't. Not because your stylist cant do it , but because she or he cares enough to be realistic in your consult. Unfortunately you may go somewhere else who believes in giving a client what they want....... but the day will come when you end up back in your stylist chair because your hair is damaged. maybe or maybe not. My advice to the client a swell as stylist , ask yourself is the hair healthy enough to make the change?

I have chosen to be honest with my clients, regardless. I believe in healthy strands.

I will only do what i know is best , based on your hair and its condition.

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