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Preparing you for the New year 2021 with THE HAIR COACH

Since March 2020 we have all experienced our lives being in the hands of the unknown, which is

a scary thought. Having to be mindful of the many things that we take for granted, such as social

distancing, wearing mask ,and the constant use of Hand sanitizer. Having to

Be accountable for ourselves and wellbeing on a day to day because today your emergency is not the worlds emergency. (THE Pandemic) Did you ever think that there would be a day that you

would no longer have the option to choose if your self-care habits would be minimized to being a

non-essential need ? well, since March of 2020 I know that I am not the only guilty party that

took the old days for granted.


Professionally I have to say that I have never lost hope and my faith has grown tremendously.

I’ve taken this time during pandemic to research better hair care and heighten my skill set



By now many of you have gotten to know more about what you can and cannot do when it

comes to taking care of your hair. Some have found solutions while others have surrendered to

YouTube and Pinterest. For some there has been success and for some there has been successes and then for others the nightmare.

I’m here today to let you know that MBS by The Hair Coach has a solution. If you are seeking

healthy, shiny, bouncy and behaving hair it's time you click the link Theahaircoach2,com.(moisturizing shampoo and conditioner) or try ( volume shampoo and conditioner)

If taming your coils is your goal (le deaux) has the solution. Lets not forget

the hair that has gotten tangled or matted and you are probably afraid to comb,,,, say no more (the everyday miracle treatment) will always save the day for everyone in

your household . But usually my clients like to keep it all for themselves.


When you click the link ( and order your hair care solution , you will be able

to request an online consult with THEHAIRCOACH that will allow me to walk you through

your no more Hair Drama.

I am sure your asking “will the product be good for my texture”? I’ve covered all angles and we

have a product that has diversified results no matter what part of the world you are from I offer

you natural hair products that include all natural ingredients including sulfate free, gluten free.

producing shiny conditioned and most of all the ability to self-manage hair.

What about the professional?

By no means have I implied that you no longer need a professional Cosmetologist because trust

me, life without the professional leads to HAIR DRAMA, MBS by THE HAIR COACH has

created a tool that may accompany to your next appt if you choose not to tackle what you think is

a problem . Your stylist will also appreciate you for introducing them to how to please you.

The Hair Coach

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